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Tuesday, 9. April 2013 09:00 Uhr Age: 4 yrs

Trentino Bear Report 2012 released

Category: Bär
The Autonomous Province of Trento has published the 2012 bear report with appendices on lynx and wolf:

In 2012, overall 43 bears were detected genetically in Trentino and neighbouring provinces and regions. At least 7 cubs belonging to four different litters must be added to this number. Five bears died and two were considered to have "emigrated" as they were recorded in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The population has thus continued to increase, however the project entered a decidedly "critical phase" as this has been accompanied by a marked fall in the level of social acceptance, despite specific measures adopted in 2012. These measures included the approval of the new provincial law no. 6 of 24 April 2012: "Modifications to the provincial law on hunting in relation to compensation for damage caused by wild animals" and the positive experience of a round table with the stakeholders most exposed to the presence of bears. Hence there is an unavoidable need to update management measures, within an operational context which has undoubtedly changed.

Male lynx B132 which had immigrated from Switzerland in 2008 is still around. He was recaptured in February 2012. The home range of the lynx from 14 February to 31 December 2012 (minimum convex polygon MCP), was 846 km², more than triple the HR recorded in previous years. The animal remained the only lynx whose presence was ascertained withinTrentino.

For the third consecutive year it was possible to document the presence of the wolf in the province of Trento. At least four wolves gravitated around Trentino and/or neighbouring areas during the year. First of all, there was confirmation of the presence of the male wolf "M24", first reported in Trentino in April 2010. Then, at the end of December 2011 a young male wolf called "Slavc", fitted with a radio collar in Slovenia, dispersed via Carinthia, Tyrolia and the provinces Vicenza and Verona to the Lessini mountainsin where a further wolf of unknown origin has been reported in the province of Verona since the beginning of 2012. During the year it was possible to ascertain that the two wolves moved around together and, thanks to genetic tests, that the second wolf was a female coming from the "Italian" population. These two wolves are thus steming from different populations (Italian and Dinaric-Balkan) which is the first time that the joining of the two populations has been demonstrated with certainty.

Bear Report Trento 2012

Link to the bear website of the Provincia Autonoma di Trento (with videos)