Der KORA-Bericht Nr. 111 wurde veröffentlicht

The KORA report n°111 «Fang-Wiederfang-Schätzung der Abundanz und der Dichte des Luchses im Jura Nord Ib und der Erweiterung des Referenzgebietes in den Kantonen AG, BL und SO im Winter 2021/2022» has been published. 

The monitoring of the Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) by means of camera traps in the study area Northern Jura during winter 2021/22 was carried out during two periods of 60 nights, from 23.11.2021 to 22.01.2022 in the reference area and from 19.12.2021 to 17.02.2022 in the extension. The camera traps at the 105 locations in the study area operated during 6,280 of the potential 6,300 trap nights (99.6%). During the session, 114 events of 21 independent lynx at 56 sites were recorded. In addition, 5 juveniles of at least 4 litters were detected. The capture-recapture estimate of abundance (95% confidence interval) under model Mh was 24 (22 - 39) independent lynx, which corresponds to a density of 2,3 (2,11 – 3,75) independent lynx per 100 km2 of suitable habitat. This number is higher than in the last monitoring 2015/16. However, a direct comparison of the two years is only possible to a limited extent, as the area was larger this year than in the last session.

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