KORA Report No. 106 is published

This report presents the status of the wolf in the Vaud Jura and neighbouring departments in France in the biological year 2020/21 (1 Mai 2020 until 30 April 2021).

During this period, the Marchairuz pack was mainly present along the first chain of the Jura Mountains from the north of the Col de la Faucille to the Col du Marchairuz. The pack consisted of the breeding pair (F19 and M95), female F79 not related to the pack and at least two sub-adults (F56 and M121) as well as five cubs of the year. Three of the five cubs (F77, M177 and M178) could be genetically identified. In the Risoux forests, although food carrying was documented on 28 June 2020, there was no clear evidence of reproduction and therefore of the presence of a pack in the form of images/videos or genetics, despite intensive surveys. Nevertheless, it seems that at least one pair of wolves composed of F76 and M99 was present in this sector at least since autumn 2020. Enhanced monitoring is carried out in the Risoux during the biological year 2021/22 to clarify the situation. This monitoring has led to the identification of a new pack in this region in summer 2021.

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