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KORA – Carnivore Ecology and Wildlife Management is an in-state foundation based in Ittigen. The return of the large carnivores to our country is the last phase of the rescue of our native wildlife, whose populations reached a historical low point in the 19th century due to uncontrolled overexploitation and habitat destruction. However, lynx, wolves and bears are not returning to a wilderness, but into a landscape heavily dominated by human use, with many different needs by various users. The wildcat recolonises suitable habitat in this landscape, too. The golden jackal is also expanding in Central Europe and was recorded in 2011 for the first time in Switzerland. KORA studies the life history of these five carnivores and monitors the development of their populations. KORA provides information to the authorities and the general public and offers an advisory function. KORA observes the effects of the large carnivores on our cultural landscape and acquires the basis for a conflict free coexistence of large carnivores with humans.


Abbattuto il maschio dominante del branco del Beverin

L'8 novembre 2022, sul territorio del Comune di Safiental è stato abbattuto un lupo maschio adulto del branco del Beverin. Dall'identificazione genetica dell'animale è emerso che si tratta di M92, il maschio adulto del branco che ha arrecato particolari danni.

Leitrüde des Beverinrudels erlegt

Am 8. November 2022 wurde auf dem Gebiet der Gemeinde Safiental ein mehrjähriger Wolfsrüde des Beverinrudels erlegt. Die genetische Identifikation des Tieres hat ergeben, dass es sich dabei um M92, das besonders schadenstiftende Vatertier des Rudels, handelt.
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